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Thread: Urethral tool sounds

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    Urethral tool sounds

    Great Vibrations of the Cock!
    a Pic of a tool kit

    This could be good fun indeed
    wonder what will sound best?
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    Haha that pic sent shivers down my spine!
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    Uthera sounding kits are and can be very nice. If you are to use them make sure that you are very sanitary with them. Sounding is a great way with males to massage the prostate. If you are going to use them please read up on it and be very careful. Let gravity take control when sounding. Don't just shove it in you could rip the delicate skin in the Uthera. Make sure you use lube too. My partner is a Uthera sounding slut and loves it when I massage his prostate from both sides. He tells me that it is a very intense cum when I start massaging his prostate from both sides. At times he has told me that it does cause a bit of a burning sensation when he pees afterward but generally that goes away after the first few hours.

    The history of the sound is that it was created to be used after a male contracted gonorrhea. The device would open the urethra so the male would have an easier way to urinate due to scarring brought on from the disease.

    With using a sound a man needs to lie on his back with a soft penis. You should NOT use a sound if the penis is hard. If the penis becomes hard, the sound should stay in place until the penis is soft again. Always ensure the sound is sterile and use a bit of lubrication such as KY jelly. It is best to use a packet instead of using a tube of KY that can have germs from using over and over again. The packages of KY are just enough to lubricate the sound without any worries of germs that can bring infection.

    If you are interested in using sounders my I recommand the Hegar Urethral Sounds kit and the Pratt Urethral Beginners Sound kit. They are a good way to start.
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